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Here are a couple PDF guides that will get you started on the right track in woodworking and wood finishing.

They are free, and I hope you enjoy them.

10 Step Guide to Wood Finishing (A great guide to using hand applied finishes)

50 Woodworking Tips (A collection of great tips for beginning woodworkers)

52 Printable Woodworking Tips Cards (Woodworking Tips designed into trading cards you can print)

Woodworking Almanac

So you don’t have to wait until Monday, you can go to the woodworking almanac archives and see the past almanacs that have come out. They are filled with lots of great stuff, and you can get started right away.

Feel free to share them with your friends that are also into woodworking. As each monthly almanac changes, I add the previous one to the page for you to enjoy. 

This way, even if the email changes, you can always go back to a post that you liked, or a project tutorial that you want to make.

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