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This is The Best Woodturners Catalog Ever. Even if you are not into wood turning, the blanks and different materials you can get here are awesome, and a huge source of inspiration for any woodworker. I’ll show you everything you need to know. Enjoy.

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The Penn State Industries Catalog

The-Best-Wood-turners-Catalog-EverI won’t tease you very long about the most awesome wood turners catalog in existence without giving you the name. The Penn State Industries catalog is the absolute best wood turning catalog that you can have for a multitude of reasons.

For wood turners, this is an absolute treasure trove of amazing ideas, kits, tools, and materials. Even for someone that doesn’t use a lathe, there are so many different types of wood and interesting blanks that you’ll definitely find something fun to take home.

I love this catalog, and anytime I’m looking for a little inspiration, or something fun to flip through during some down time, it’s my go-to catalog. I’ll show you several reasons why coming up in the post, and I’m sure you’ll be ordering your free copy when you’re done.

Huge for Idea Generating

The absolute biggest impact for me in the Penn State Wood Turning Catalog is that it helps with idea generation. Ideas come from everywhere, and sometimes you just need to see the right thing at the right time to have your next big idea.

This catalog is awesome for helping you come up with new ideas, and different ways of doing projects that you’ve been used to for a while. It does this in a number of different ways, but the primary method is just the overwhelming amount of stuff within its pages.

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It can take you a long time just to go through the sheer volume of products that are showcased in their catalog. It’s almost like a mini treasure hunt, because every time you open up the book, you end up finding something new that you didn’t see before.

This is really huge, because the catalog takes a very long time to get old. Most catalogs and up in the trash after a couple weeks. This catalog could be right on the top of your bench for months or more and still not get old.

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Their Catalog is Free

In an age where everyone is looking for ways to save money on their business, the printed catalog has started to become a thing of the past. So many different retailers are dropping their catalogs in print form and instead using an online catalog.

The problem with an online catalog is that it just doesn’t feel the same. It’s not something that you can carry around with you quite as easily, and it’s not something that you want to get sawdust all over.

Yes, it’s a little easier to carry your phone then it is to carry a catalog. However, it’s not as easy to see all the products in one place, your search field is narrowed down quite a bit, and you just don’t have the same opportunity to have something catch your eye as you do with the printed catalog.

You can get a copy of their print catalog here, and I recommend that you do that after finishing the post.

Inexpensive Options for Tools and Materials

Something that I absolutely love about Penn State is their pricing. Not only do they have some of the best selection that you could possibly ask for, and some of the best stuff, but their prices are awesome too.

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It’s really rare that you get to enjoy the benefit of all of those good things and then actually still get a good price. With Penn State, you definitely get everything all rolled into one. Their materials and tools are inexpensive, and that’s a huge win for you.

This means you can stretch your budget farther, and get more materials for the same amount of money. You can also pick up some great tools that will serve you for a long time. I’ve had a chuck from them for over a decade and it’s been great.

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Good for Beginners and Experts

Another thing is really nice is the caliber of the items in the catalog is geared for everyone. You don’t have to be an absolute beginner or a full fledged expert to enjoy what they have. There is something for absolutely everyone.

A lot of beginning wood turners tend to like kits. These are self-contained projects and the failure rate is very low. If that’s you, there are tons and tons of kits to choose from in their catalog and online.

If that’s not you, and you like to make things yourself, they have raw materials and components that you can buy and make your own designs completely on your own. You get 100% of the control, but you also get a reliable place to buy your components.

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They Only Cater to Wood Turners

Another nice thing about this wood turners catalog is that they only cater to wood turners. There are some woodworking stores to try to be everything to everyone. Penn State is definitely not that, and they only serve the wood turning community.

This is great for a lot of reasons. The main benefit is that when you are trying to be liked by everyone, you never really wow or astound anyone. You’re always right down the middle, and you may not make a lot of enemies but you only make lukewarm friends.

Penn State doesn’t want anything to do with you unless you’re a wood turner. Now, you can use their materials for other projects, but that’s not who they’re going after with their company direction. It’s all about wood turning, and everything to do with it.

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Lots of Kits to Choose From

As I mentioned earlier, one of the most interesting parts of this catalog is how many different kits you can buy for your lathe. These will allow you to make anything ranging from pens, tools, and duck calls, to gardening implements.

Kits make the process of wood turning a lot easier, and it also makes it a lot quicker to get a project cranked out. In fact, one of the coolest thing about making projects from kits is that he can actually finish a project in one session.

There are so many projects out there that just take forever to finish. You chip away a few hours here and a few hours there, and it seems to take forever for things to get done. Kits are the exact opposite of that, and you can have nearly instant gratification right off the lathe.

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Tons of Blanks to Inspire You

The selection of blanks that the Penn State Wood Tuners Catalog offers is truly inspirational, and astounding. I had no idea there were so many different materials available to woodworkers until I got my hands on this catalog.

You can really come up with some killer ideas simply by looking at all of these different blanks. You’ll never know what the world has to offer until you really immerse yourself in what’s available. Penn State will show you so many different blanks that will be impossible not to be inspired.

They also come in a lot of different sizes, so you can use them for many different projects. You can also use them for inlay work or decorative work on larger projects. The only limit is your imagination.

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Specialty Tools You Can’t Find Easily

Since this company caters to wood turners, and only wood turners, you can find a lot more specialty tools in their catalog. In most catalogs that serve everyone, only the most popular tools are featured because that’s what will sell.

Instead, when you open up an issue of this catalog, you’ll only see tools that have to do with turning. This means you’ll see the popular tools, the less popular tools, and the tools that are super rare and only really good for one thing.

Those second two categories, you will never see in a mainstream woodworking catalog. Tools without high demand just don’t pay for their own ink. In contrast, when you only serve one group, you can put all of those specialty tools right inside the pages.

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The Ultimate Bathroom Reader

Finally, I lovingly refer to my Penn State industries wood turners catalog as the ultimate bathroom reader. When you got a little bit a time on your hands, and you’re taking a small break, it’s nice to turn through the pages and get ideas.

This catalog has done more for me in the category of inspiration than anything else. You’ll almost be overwhelmed with the amount of stuff inside, and I’m sure that you’ll feel that same itch to get out into the shop and make something.

It’s a great catalog to flip through during your downtime, and it’s something that fits on your bench really nicely. If you’re stuck, and you need a little inspiration, open it up and take a look through some of the blanks. That should do the trick.

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Your Action Assignment

Now that you know all about this amazing woodworking and wood turning catalog, it’s time to take some action. You can order a copy of the catalog here, and they’ll mail one right out to your house for you to enjoy.

When you get your copy, start looking through it and generating ideas. I’m sure after a little time with this book in your hands, you’ll find quite a few things that you’d like, and quite a few projects to try.

If you have any questions about this wood turning catalog, and why it’s awesome, please post a question and I’ll be glad to answer them. Happy building.

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