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hardwood fret dotsMy Wooden Tools For kids book has been published now, which you can find on my Available Books page. My next project is to finish up a book that I started a while ago. Shortly after starting the book, my wife and I had our son. My tiny boss has been directing the vast majority of my woodworking projects since then, and the new sheriff in town has changed the way I prioritize my schedule.

Now that things have settled down a little, I am ready to get back into finishing that book and publishing it.

The Tips section of my acoustic guitar making book has generated more emails and conversations than any other section. It seems that people really like tips.

I took that idea and initially I was just going to add more to my existing book and bump up the price a bit. The problem was that I could only add another 120 pages, because the book was already over 500 pages long. There is a 630 page limit on the platform I use, and the tips that I created took up closer to 250 pages all by themselves. I definitely want to share these with everyone, but I also do not want to charge full price as though this is another book.

The solution was to create a new book, but charge a lower price. I see this new book as a continuation or a second volume for the first book. The right thing to do is to charge less for it, and allow people to use them both together to become successful at guitar making.

The tips are broken down into sections that deal with each part of the guitar, as well as finishing and finish repair. The tips are each a few sentences long, and cover many helpful things is a very rapid-fire manner.

Tips are a great way to absorb a lot of information quickly. I love reading tips, because there is always a nugget in there that makes the time well spent. You can really advance your ability and knowledge as a beginner by reading tips, and they will serve you well throughout your woodworking adventure.

I’ll let everyone know on my site when I publish the book, and I hope you enjoy it. If you want to know immediately when it’s available, take a moment to Join the Westfarthing Woodworks Community. I send out emails from time to time about new things on my site, as well as when books are about to publish.

Thank you, and Happy Building!

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