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Westfarthing Woodworks is on Pinterest! If you want to see the majority of the images from my site in one place, then take a look at my Pinterest Boards. I really like Pinterest, because it is more visual than other social sites.

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I can easily share my passion, and the pictures tell the story. Depending on the month, I have had over a million people see my work, which is amazing.

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pinterest wooden ringAny time that I publish something on my website, I also share it on Pinterest. The majority of the links on my boards come right back to Westfarthing Woodworks too.

If I have a tutorial on the website, I share a picture of it on Pinterest, and then link to the tutorial.

This makes it easy for you to browse through until you see something you like. When you do, just click on it and you will be brought to the article.

Some of the very early pictures link to my books on Amazon, and those are at the bottoms of the boards. If you want to see what the books look like, that is an easy way to do it.

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The great thing about Pinterest is that people who are searching for a new project come there often. Pinterest used to not have very many woodworking topics, but now woodworking is a huge segment of their pins. This is great for me too, because I enjoy seeing what other people are making, and finding ideas for new projects.

pinterest wine ceremony boxWhile you are on my Pinterest Boards, take a moment to follow me. This way, you will always see what I have to post in your feed.

Pinterest works like a big search engine too. You may end up finding my work just by browsing around too. I pin several times a day, so I am always sharing new content.

I also like to take time and go through my older posts and pin pictures from them. This helps keep my best content new. It also helps me share it with more people. I write a lot. This means most of my best work is buried deep under dozens and dozens of new posts.

pinterest candle holderWhen I go back and link older articles that were really popular, it helps share the information with the people that need it.

Woodworking is a huge subject. A post from several months ago about using wood filler is still just as useful now as it was when I wrote it. A simple link on Pinterest brings it right back out, and more beginning woodworkers have the opportunity to find it.

If you aren’t already following me on Pinterest, take a look at my Pinterest Boards and decide for yourself. It’s like seeing a condensed version of my website, but in a completely visual format. You can also go through and find what you are interested in quickly. Again, click on the picture and you will be taken to the exact post.

If you have any questions about Westfarthing Woodworks is on Pinterest, please leave a comment and I will be glad to answer them.

Free Woodworking Tips Delivered Every Monday! Add Me to the List!

Also, please share my work with anyone you know that is interested in woodworking. I enjoy helping beginning woodworkers, and showing everyone how to make fun projects. Happy building.

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