Westfarthing Woodworks Now Has a Facebook Group!

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Westfarthing Woodworks Now Has a Facebook Group! It can be difficult to find a place where you can share your work, and get help from others. In a Facebook Group, you can share your projects, and ask questions of real live woodworkers just like you!

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Westfarthing Woodworks New Facebook Group

subscribe to my websiteThe Westfarthing Woodworks Facebook Group is called Woodworking Tips for Beginners, and I encourage you to join. There are several great reasons for joining a woodworking group, but the biggest it the community.

When you are part of a community, you get to ask questions. There are members in the community that have been through the same trials and mistakes that you are going through right now. They can help, and it will help you quite a bit.

It’s noble to struggle and eventually win through testing, research, and experimentation. However, it’s faster however to ask someone that has been there before. It’s smarter too. This way, you compress weeks or months of trial and error into a few minute question and answer.

When You Join the Group

As of this posting, the group is still young. When you join, please actively share your best work, and share your ideas too. The beauty of a group is also in the collection of ideas that builds up over time.

When you add things, and others add things, the collection builds. After a while, you will be able to scroll and scroll through hundreds and thousands of great woodworking tips, tricks, and projects that are sure to inspire you.

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Add Me To The List!

Sometimes all it takes is one great looking picture of a project to get you inspired to make something yourself. This is awesome, and it can get you into the shop more often. Who knows, you might find that picture right inside the new group.

A Few Rules for the Group

Like any other group, there needs to be a few rules to keep everyone on the same page. If there was not, then a few people would ruin it for everyone else. In no particular order, here are a few of the rules:

  • Be nice to others in your comments, speech, and manners.
  • We cover woodworking, wood finishing, crafting, DIY, and things related to that core subject only. Unrelated posts will be removed to preserve the spirit of the group.
  • If you have something to sell, do it respectfully, infrequently, and don’t spam.
  • Links are fine, again just don’t over do it, and make sure they are helpful.
  • Give more than you take. Share with the group more than you ask from it.

I’m sure as we run into things on the group that need to be addressed we will add or modify some of the rules, but I want to see if that is really necessary first. I hope that we can all have a good time, post together, and learn from each other.

Join Our Facebook Group

Again, You Can Join the Facebook Group Here, and I encourage you to do it. Over time, you can be on the ground floor of a growing and thriving group of woodworkers, guitar makers, DIY makers, and wood finishers. Enjoy, and happy building.


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