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This week, some tips on making a guitar back plate, and some important measuring tools. Then, how to sharpen your chisels, and why dust collection is important. Finally, great uses for amber shellac and another woodworking gallery. Enjoy.

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Making an Acoustic Guitar Back Plate

5-Best-Tips-for-Making-an-Acoustic-Guitar-Back-PlateIn 5 Tips on Making an Acoustic Guitar Back Plate, you’ll learn the few things you need to know to make a really nice looking back plate. It’s not as difficult as you might think, and the process is pretty straight forward.

If you want a little help with your back plate, read these five tips and they will help you get going in the right direction. They are all actionable, and they all will help you make a better back.

Your back is a large surface on the guitar. Don’t let it look poor for the sake of missing out on some tips. Enjoy.

Measuring and Marking Tools

5-Important-Measuring-Tools-You-Need-as-a-WoodworkerIn the 5 Most Important Measuring and Marking Tools, you’ll learn about these five awesome tools, and why you need them. Your woodworking will be better in proportion to how much better you make yourself at measuring.

Since you need to have well measured pieces in order to have well built projects, these five tools are your ticket to being able to measure just about anything you might come across. They are really versatile, and they fit in a number of situations.

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Also, none of these are expensive. They are all basic tools, and you can get them in a large number of places. 

Sharpening Chisels

How-to-Sharpen-a-Chisel-the-Easy-WayIn How to Sharpen Your Chisels the Easy Way, I’ll show you the couple choices you can make to really make your sharpening process super easy. This is the way to make the best decision that will make the sharpening experience super easy and even fun.

It all comes down to what you will actually use. if you will not learn the process, you will not sharpen your chisels. Essentially, you need to know how to make the best decision, and know yourself in the process.

Once you know you really well, and you pick the right product, you will start sharpening and actually enjoy the process. Believe it or not, you can actually enjoy sharpening your tools.

Dust Collection Benefits

15-Helpful-Benefits-of-Woodworking-Dust-CollectionIn 15 Helpful Benefits of Using a Dust Collection System, you will learn all of the great reasons why you should use a dust collection system, and how it can benefit you.

A dust collection system is a big investment, and you should really do a lot of homework before buying one. This post is a great start, and it can get you acquainted with the basics of the system and the benefits.

After this, you can take your dust collection journey to the next step and get a good book on installing a system. Then, you will be ready to do your own.

Using Amber Shellac

5-Great-Uses-for-Amber-ShellacIn 5 Great Uses for Amber Shellac you will learn why this is one of the most fun types of finishes you will ever work with. You will have a great time, make more interesting colors, and do more with your projects than ever before.

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Amber shellac can do a lot of things that other finishes cannot. The product can be used with other finishes, and it can also be used to accent finishes that need a little warming up.

It’s also good for adding age to a project, and that’s just the beginning. Read the post and you’ll have a lot to try with your amber shellac. 

Woodworking Gallery

In the Woodworking Gallery this week, you will see some great pictures from the site, and get your weekly dose of woodworking inspiration.

If you have any questions about the week in review, please ask a question in the forum and I will be glad to answer them. Happy building.


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