Westfarthing Woodworks Post Review for 12/23/2018

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This week was a lot of fun, and in case you missed them, here is what was covered in each of the posts. We started off with an into to my new series on how to make an acoustic guitar from start to finish. After that, there are some great reasons to use Titebond wood glue. Finally, a ring making tool list to get you tooled up for making wooden rings. Enjoy.

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How to Make an Acoustic Guitar Series

how-to-make-an-acoustic-guitar-weekly-post-series-with-tips-and-tricks-for-new-guitar-makersThis is the introductory post to what I hope to be a year long series that comes out every Tuesday. The series is called How to Make an Acoustic Guitar – The Mahogany Dreadnought.

This is my most photographed guitar, and I intentionally did this for a client that I enjoyed sending pictures to as the build progressed.

I have so many pictures that I will be able to show you nearly every detail of the build. There will also be useful tips on making a guitar, helpful ideas, and lots of great information for new guitar makers. You will be able to follow along week to week, and see the entire build come to life.

The Mother of All Wood Glues

16-Awesome-Reasons-to-Use-Titebond-Wood-Glue-[Infographic]There is a lot of marketing that goes into woodworking. Wood glue is no exception, and in any modern woodworking store you can find a glue for everything.

In 16 Awesome Reasons to Use Titebond Wood Glue, you will see that you only need to know one name to be successful.

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As a beginner there are too many choices, this can be overwhelming. What you really need are some good reasons to use just one product that you can rely on.

That product is Titebond, and it has been a trusted companion of mine and millions of other woodworkers for a very long time. Check out the post for a list of great reasons to use Titebond, and rest assured that you made a good choice.

Wooden Ring Making Tool List

The-Essential-Wooden-Ring-Making-Tool-List-[Infographic]The Essential Wooden Ring Making Tool List is your perfect guide to getting the tools you need to start making wooden rings. It’s a list for the lathe owner, and the hand tool user.

In the beginning, most ring makers start out with a few woodworking tools, and not many power tools. This is completely fine, and you can make lots of great rings with those tools.

The list starts out with the hand tools and basic tools, and you will know everything you need to make wooden rings.

Next, the tool list shifts to the lathe operator. When you have a lathe, you use different tools than when you build by hand. These tools are special to the lathe, and they help the tool work. You will also get this list as well, with a complete explanation of everything.

If you have any questions on Westfarthing Woodworks Post Review for 12/23/2018, please Post a Question in the Q&A Forum and I’ll be glad to help. Happy building.

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