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This week, the guitar making series continues and I’ll show you how to add kerfing to the sides. Then, I’ll show you tips for working with wiping varnish, and then some help to get your wood stain to dry faster. Enjoy.

How to Make an Acoustic Guitar

How-to-Make-an-Acoustic-Guitar-Series-Part-Eleven-Installing-KerfingIn How to Make an Acoustic Guitar Part Eleven, I’ll show you the next step on the guitar, which is installing the kerfing strips. This increases the surface area for gluing the plates to the sides, and makes the overall structure stronger.

It’s also a fun process if you have not made your own kerfing strips before. You can buy them of course, but they are also easy to make. Gluing them down is a fairly straight forward process too.

By the time you are done with this post, you will see exactly how to install the kerfing strips, and get your sides ready for attaching the top and back plates, which will come up in future posts.

Wiping Varnish Tips

14-Easy-Tips-for-Using-Wiping-VarnishIn 14 Tips for Using Wiping Varnish, I’ll show you a lot of great tips for using this awesome wood finishing product. If you have not used wiping varnish before, you are in for a treat.

This is a simple to use product, and you can apply a world class finish even as a brand new wood finisher. There are a few products out there that are really good looking, even for the simple application method.

Wiping varnish is definitely one of those products. You can apply a finish that looks like it took ages to learn, and you will look like a pro. The tips will help too, so enjoy the read.

Wood Stain Drying Time

How-to-Speed-Up-Wood-Stain-Dry-TimeIn How to Speed up Wood Stain Drying Time, I’ll show you a lot of tips that the professionals use to make their wood stains and wood finishes dry faster. This is not cutting corners, it’s optimizing the conditions so that your stain dries faster.

There are little tricks that the manufacturers of stains and finishes use to make their products dry faster. You can do the same thing on a smaller scale in your own shop.

Your results will be great, and you will be able to move from coat to coat a lot faster than before. You will also get good results that are consistent with staining your normal way and waiting longer.

If you have any questions about the posts for the week, please Post a Question in the Q&A Forum and I’ll be glad to help. Happy building.

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