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Another busy week is in the books for Westfarthing Woodworks, and in case you missed them, here are the posts for the week. First, we continue building the acoustic guitar and make our own binding strips. Then, I’ll show you how to remove glue from wood the easy way. Next is an into to sanding machines, and finally a gallery of fun woodworking pictures. Enjoy.

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How to Make an Acoustic Guitar

How-to-Make-an-Acoustic-Guitar-Series-Part-Sixteen-Making-Binding-StripsIn How to Make an Acoustic Guitar Part Sixteen the process rolls on with making your own binding strips. Why would you ever want to make your own strips? Well, for starters the process is really easy, and it’s also a lot less expensive. 

If you are qualified to make an acoustic guitar, you are more than qualified to make your own binding strips. You just need to know the one big trick that I reveal in the post to selecting the right piece of wood. If you get this part right, all the rest will work out much more easily.

You will be able to make your own binding strips far more easily, and with any species of wood you choose. You will have all of the creative control, and you won’t have to pay a premium for nice looking strips.

Removing Glue From Wood

How-to-Remove-Glue-From-WoodWe have all been there before, and it’s good to know what to do when you inevitably mess up and are stuck with a glue covered mess. Dried glue can be a pain to remove from your projects, but thankfully these methods will help you.

In How to remove Glue from Wood, I’ll also show you the best way to keep yourself out of this mess in the first place. It’s easier than you might think, and it can save you a lot of time chiseling dried glue off of your project. 

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Even a thin layer of dried glue can become a mess. You might not even see it, but when you apply a finish you will find it right away. Don’t let that happen to you. Read the post and do it the right way instead. 

Wood Sanding Machines

7-Helpful-Wood-Sanding-MachinesIn 7 Helpful Wood Sanding Machines, I’ll teach you all about the different wood sanding machines that are available to woodworkers. These are common to those that have been woodworking for a while, but the newer woodworkers in the group will benefit quite a bit.

In the beginning it can be hard to figure out what kind of sander you need. There are a hundred to choose from, and they all seem flashy. This post is the tap on your shoulder with the information you need to make the best decision as a beginner. 

After all, you do not need every sander ever made. It’s most likely that you only need one or two, and I’ll show you exactly what to do in the post, along with how to make the right choice and save your money.

Woodworking Gallery

In the Weekly Woodworking Gallery there are 21 more pictures up for your viewing pleasure and they cover several different fun woodworking projects. I hope you enjoy them.

If you have any questions on the Week in Review, please Post a Question in the Q&A Forum and I’ll be glad to help. Happy building.

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