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Another week is over, and I have a lot to share. This week the guitar fretboard gets some really nice looking abalone inlays. Then, I’ll show you the three most common types of wood stain you can use. After that, I’ll share some advantages to having a wall mounted bench, and we’ll end with another woodworking gallery. Enjoy.

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Making an Acoustic Guitar

How-to-Make-an-Acoustic-Guitar-Series-Part-Twenty-Four-Fretboard-InlayIn How to Make an Acoustic Guitar Part 24, I’ll show you how to make a really nice looking set of square abalone inlays for your instrument. These are only a little more involved than drilling for round inlays, and I’ll show you everything you need to know.

I really like the look of abalone, especially on a dark background like East Indian Rosewood. The color and depth are awesome to see, and the two materials work well together.

This is an easy to follow set of directions, and you can be making these square inlays yourself in your shop super quickly. Do a little practice first of course, but you’ll pick it up quick.

Buying Reconditioned Tools

how-to-buy-reconditioned-tools-the-safe-wayThis is How to Buy Reconditioned Tools the Safe Way, and there are a few things that you need to know in order to be successful. These are all meant to keep you from getting a bad deal, and being stuck with a tool you don’t like.

In general, a reconditioned tool when done well and by the right people can be a great way to save some money and get a nice new tool into the shop. 

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When done poorly, it can be a nightmare. Let me show you what to look for and I’ll help make you safer in your purchase.

Common Types of Wood Stain

3-Common-Types-of-Wood-Stain-and-When-to-Use-ThemIn the 3 Common Types of Wood Stain, I’ll show you the three main kinds of stain, what the major differences are, and what they are used for. You can use this information to make a better decision in the wood finishing section, and you’ll have better results.

Not all stain is the same. Some works differently than others, and if you know those differences you can use them to your advantage. They are easy to remember too.

Once you finish this post, you will know a lot more about wood stain, and how to pick a stain that will make you look like you know what you are doing.

Getting a Deal on Sandpaper

how-to-get-the-best-deal-on-sandpaper-for-woodIn How to Get the Best Deal on Sandpaper For Wood, I’ll show you several of the tricks and tips that I use to find a good deal on sandpaper. After all, you are going to use a lot of sandpaper through a life in woodworking, so you might as well get a good deal.

These tips are all super helpful, and they can even help you make decisions on the tool you use. Yes, the type of sander that you use is directly related to the kinds of deal that you can get on sandpaper. 

Some tools unfortunately lock you into high end papers, and that’s may or may not be something that you want.

Wall Mounted Workbenches

7-Advantages-to-a-Wall-Mounted-Folding-WorkbenchIn 7 Advantages to a Wall Mounted Workbench, I’ll show you a lot of great reasons that you can use a wall mounted bench in your shop. These benches are becoming more popular now, and especially in smaller spaces.

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A wall mounted bench had several great advantages that floor standing benches do not. There are also not as many drawbacks when you make it the right way.

I won’t give away everything here, but you will learn the reasons why you should consider a bench like this, as well as as several tips and tricks for making it the best it can be.

Woodworking Gallery

In this week’s Woodworking Gallery, I’ll show you several more pictures from the site, and all in one place.

If you have any questions about what has been going on this week at Westfarthing Woodworks, please Post a Question in the Q&A Forum and I’ll be glad to help. Happy building.

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