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This week, the guitar making series continues with fretting the fretboard. Then, some helpful tips for hanging shop lights and a few more on insulating a detached garage shop. Finally, another woodworking gallery. Enjoy.

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How to Make an Acoustic Guitar

How-to-Make-an-Acoustic-Guitar-Series-Part-Twenty-Five-FrettingIn How to Make an Acoustic Guitar Part 25, I’ll show you the fretting process on the guitar that I have been making throughout the series. This is a fun part, and you will enjoy the process.

Fretting can be a little nerve wracking unless you do it a better way. Long gone are the days of swinging a hammer, and instead you can do a lot better with a modern approach.

I’ll show you that approach, plus several tips and tricks along the way.

Projects that Make Money

how-to-find-wood-projects-that-make-moneyIn How to Find Woodworking Projects that Make Money, I’m going to do something a little different than other posts of this same nature. After all, I have no idea where you live, what is popular near you, how you plan on selling, or anything else important to making this decision.

However, you do know all of those things and are in a great spot to learn them. That’s what I’ll show you in the post, and after a little market research, you will know the projects to make that will make you money.

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All it takes is some research, asking questions, and trying a few things, and you can find out what projects are going to be the best for you to make and sell.

Hanging Shop Lights

12-Helpful-Tips-for-Hanging-Shop-LightsIn 12 Helpful Tips for Hanging Shop Lights, I’ll show you several ways that you can make your shop lighting install a lot less stressful.

In the post I’ll show you several tricks that make the process easier, make the results better, and get you ahead quicker. It’s about avoiding some common mistakes, and getting it right the first time.

After all, you’ll probably only put up shop lights a couple times in your life. You might not have the experience to do it right every time just because you rarely do it. That’s ok, I’ll help you.

Easiest Cutting Board Finish

the-easiest-cutting-board-finish-in-the-worldIn the Easiest Cutting Board Finish in the World, I’ll show you just that. Instead of worrying about several other finishes, or experimenting with a dozen finishes, just get this one finish and you will have a great starting point.

You can of course look into others at another time, but don’t worry about your first few cutting boards. Trust them to the easiest of finishes, and you will be happy that you did.

Not only will your cutting boards look great, they will also be safe to use around food.

Insulating a Garage

9-Tips-for-Insulating-a-Detached-GarageIn 9 Tips for Insulating a Detached Garage, I’ll show you several great ways to keep the cold out of your garage shop and keep the temperature inside feeling good.

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If you have a detached garage shop, you have a nice freestanding building to work in as a shop, which is a really nice luxury that not many woodworkers have.

Maybe your building only needs a little love when it comes to the insulation to be really comfortable? If that sounds like you, this is the post will help.

These tips are all easy, not time consuming, and not terribly expensive either. You can do a lot of this yourself, which is great too.

Woodworking Gallery

Finally, another Woodworking Gallery featuring some of the best images from the site for you to enjoy.

If you have any questions about the week, please Post a Question in the Q&A Forum and I’ll be glad to help. Happy building.

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