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This week, the guitar gets a heel cap, and I show tips on using dye stains. Next, joining planks for a table top, and making an assembly station for your shop. Finally, how to make sandpaper sticks, and another woodworking gallery. Enjoy.

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How to Make an Acoustic Guitar

How-to-Make-an-Acoustic-Guitar-Series-Part-Twenty-Nine-Heel-CapIn How to Make an Acoustic Guitar Part Twenty Nine, I’ll show you how to make a heel cap for the acoustic guitar project.

A heel cap is a nice way of dressing the end of the heel on the neck in a way that is a little nicer than just leaving it natural or painting it. The process is easy, and the results look good.

This is a great place to showcase a little exotic wood, because it’s not going to have an effect on the tone of the instrument. You can make it look really nice, and surprise someone playing the guitar.

Huge Tips for Using Wood Dye

9-Massive-Tips-for-Using-Wood-Dye-to-Color-Your-ProjectsThere are some Huge Tips for Using Wood Dye that I reveal in this post, and you can start using dye stains right away once you read through them.

Dye stains are awesome for a lot of great reasons. You really have the most creative control over the process with dyes, and you get to make your stains completely custom.

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The tricks to using dyes are only a few, but they are really important. They can also help you get better results, and a better initial experience with dyes, which can be a little different than what you are used to.

Joining Planks for a Table Top

12-Helpful-Tips-for-Joining-Planks-for-a-Table-TopIn 12 Helpful Tips for Joining Planks for a Table Top, I’ll show you the easiest ways to join several planks together to make a larger table top.

Most table tops are made from several pieces of wood. You only need to know a little about joining them together to make a really nice looking example.

These tips will help you make a great looking top that is also strong. It’s important to have the looks and the strength too, which means a longer lasting project. I’ll show you everything you need to know in the post.

Making a Shop Work Table

9-Detailed-Tips-for-Building-a-Work-Table-in-Your-ShopWhen you Make a Work Table for Your Shop, you need to know a few things. Once you know the couple tips that make the process better, you can make a killer work table without any fuss at all.

A work table surface is nice to have in your shop because you can use it for extended assembly projects. This keeps your regular workbench clear, and you still have an area to work even while things are drying.

These don’t even have to take up a lot of room, and you can even make units that attach to the walls and fold away when not in use.

How to Make Sandpaper Sticks

How-to-Make-a-Sandpaper-StickThis post on How to Make Sandpaper Sticks is a really nice tutorial showing the process for making sanding sticks that you can use as quick sanding tools in your shop.

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There is a really big secret to making these sticks in a way that they practically last forever. I’ll show you the secret to making this work, and you might even have the thing you need in your shop already.

These can me made in any size, and once you have a few of them on your bench, you will find dozens of uses for them as you work.

Woodworking Gallery

Finally, here is a great looking Woodworking Gallery post that has several pictures from the site. 

If you have any questions on the week, please post a question and I’ll be glad to help. Happy building.

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