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Another great week is over, and the guitar making series moves for ward with another post. Also, I’ll show you why you should be using the Beall Buffing System, and how to make your own scroll saw patterns from any picture. Then, I’ll share the difference between linear feet and board feet, and tips for doing epoxy inlay. Finally, another woodworking gallery from the site. Enjoy.

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How to Make an Acoustic Guitar

How-to-Make-an-Acoustic-Guitar-Series-Part-Thirty-Three-Making-the-BridgeThis week, in How to Make an Acoustic Guitar Part 33, I’ll show you how to make the bridge. Actually, it’s more about what order you should make your bridge rather than how it should be made.

We each have our own individual building style, and this method fits in perfectly however you build. That’s the beauty. Not only is this a great method, but it will help ensure that you have less failures.

Also, it nearly ensures that your failures will be earlier in the process, if they happen at all. The nice thing about failing early is that you get to start over without wasting as much time. Even though it won’t feel like it at first, that’s a win.

Using the Beall Buffing System

10-Awesome-Reasons-to-Start-Using-the-Beall-Buffing-SystemIn 10 Awesome Reasons to Start Using the Beall Buffing System, I’ll show you ten great reasons why you should start buffing your projects for a finish rather than using a traditional liquid finish.

I have been singing the praises of this finishing method for years. I spent a long time wanting it before I made the purchase (it was only $100 but I’m kinda cheap) and I regret every second.

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This makes finishing smaller projects super easy, and it literally takes seconds. The other great part is that you can handle your project immediately after it’s done being buffed. There are also eight more awesome reasons, so check out the full post.

Scroll Saw Patterns

How-to-Make-Free-Scroll-Saw-PatternsIn How to Make Free Scroll Saw Patterns, you will learn how to take just about any photograph that you have and turn it into a scroll saw pattern that you can use in your shop. The pictures will be easily recognizable, and it’s an easy technique.

You can use this process to take pictures of people you know and love, and turn them into scroll saw cutting patterns. Anyone who knows the person in the picture will recognize them, and they come out great.

You can do any kind of photo, and you are not just limited to people. Nature, animals, and even still life work great as well. On top of that, it’s entirely free, and you can make unlimited patterns. They can also be used for inlay designs as well.

Linear Foot vs. Board Foot

Linear-Foot-Vs-Board-FootIn Linear Foot vs. Board Foot, you will learn the crucial difference between these two terms, and it will also help you when you are buying wood at the hardwood store. 

There is a big difference between the linear foot and the board foot, and once you know how to tell the two of them apart, you will be able to use each of them at the right time, depending on your need.

This is a basic woodworking terms post, designed to help new woodworkers that are just getting into the craft. There is a lot of terminology to learn early on, and posts like this help everyone who had to learn these terms in the beginning.

Epoxy Inlay Tips

15-Helpful-Tips-for-Doing-Epoxy-Inlay-in-WoodIn 15 Helpful Tips for Doing Epoxy Inlay, you will learn my 15 tips and tricks that make doing epoxy based inlay work. It’s an easy process, and these tips make it even easier to get started.

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You are going to love doing epoxy inlay. Not only do you get the same look or better than traditional inlay, but you get to do the process without having to fit the pieces together. Since the epoxy becomes the inlay piece, it takes any shape you give it.

This is a huge win for you, because it means all you need to do is get the cavity right, and you will have a great looking inlay. Even a total beginner can make a nice looking inlay cavity, and pour in the epoxy. I’ll show you everything you need, and you will love this technique.

Woodworking Gallery

In this week’s Woodworking Gallery, I have another set of pictures from the site that are sure to inspire you to get out into the shop and make some sawdust.

If you have any questions about the week in review, please Post a Question and I’ll be glad to answer it for you.

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