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This week, the guitar making series moves into finishing, and I’ll show you how to pick the perfect electric sander. Then, tips for finishing wood furniture, the best wood crack filler, and how to stain a wooden table. Finally, another great woodworking gallery to get you motivated. Enjoy.

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How to Make an Acoustic Guitar

How-to-Make-an-Acoustic-Guitar-Series-Part-Thirty-SixIn How to Make an Acoustic Guitar Part 36, you’ll see the finishing process for the guitar, as well as learn some of the best tips and tricks to make it a success.

Finishing is a part of the woodworking process that is sometimes intimidating for a new maker. Add to that nervousness the fact that you just spent months most likely making your guitar, and it can be down right scary to even think about adding a finish.

Don’t worry. In this post you’ll learn several mistakes to avoid, lots of great finishes, and links to lots of good resources on the site to expand the topic. You’ll be finishing like a pro.

Choosing an Electric Sander

How-to-Choose-the-Best-Electric-SanderIn How to Choose the Best Electric Sander, you’ll learn the way to pick the best sander for your particular needs as a beginner, and also get something that will work in many different situations.

As a beginner, you really don’t know what you need, and there is always the fear of buying something that you will regret down the road. Tools are not cheap, so the more you learn in the beginning the better.

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I’ll show you the different electric sanders and then you can make a good decision based on your particular needs, knowing that you are getting something that you will use for a very long time.

Tips for Finishing Wood Furniture

18-Great-Tips-for-Finishing-Wood-FurnitureIn 18 Great Tips for Finishing Wood Furniture, you’ll learn the secrets that only time, practice, and patience would have taught you otherwise. You’ll still need to practice, but you will have a much better head start.

This is all about getting you through the mistakes and hurtles that pop up in the beginning. You can save yourself a lot of trouble just by reading a little before you jump in.

There are some really big differences between furniture and other projects that you need to take into account before you apply that finish. In the post, I’ll show you them all.

Wood Crack Filler

The-Best-Wood-Crack-FillerIn The Best Wood Crack Filler, you’ll learn the one product that you need to fill in cracks, and that will actually help hold them together so they don’t keep cracking.

The problem with cracks is that most of them will continue cracking over time. Until that wood reaches an equilibrium point, it’s going to keep on drying out, and keep on cracking.

There is help through once your piece is dry. This one product that you can add to the crack will both fill it and help hold the crack together. It’s inexpensive, and you likely already have it.

Staining a Wooden Table

13-Helpful-Tips-on-How-to-Stain-a-Wood-TableIn 13 Helpful Tips on How to Stain a Wood Table, you’ll learn several great tips, tricks, and ideas that will help you successfully stain a large wooden table easily.

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Staining a table is a big project. Not only will it challenge your abilities, but it will also give you something to show off once you complete it successfully.

These ideas, and tricks are designed to help you make the best of your stain job on the first round. You will avoid a lot of mistakes, and create a much better looking finish.

Woodworking Gallery

In the Woodworking Gallery for the week, you will see a collection of pictures that have all been on the site before, and they will help you find inspiration and motivation to get out into the shop and make some dust.

If you have any questions about the week, please Post a Question and I’ll be glad to answer them. Happy building.

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