Why a Wooden Ring is an Amazing Gift and How You Can Make One

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This is why a wooden ring makes an amazing gift, and how it’s much easier than you think to start making rings at home. Wooden rings are a very special and unique gift, and if you know someone special, you are closer than you think to giving them that gift.

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Wooden Rings are Very Popular

why-a-wooden-ring-is-an-amazing-gift-and-how-you-can-make-one-ring-making-tipsRecently, wooden rings have become very popular. There are a lot of places that sell them, and lots of tutorials on how to make them. There is also a book, Wooden Rings: How to Make Wooden Rings by Hand that I wrote, detailing he entire process.

It’s much easier to just buy a wooden ring and give it as a gift. The process will be quick, you won’t have to exert any energy, and you won’t sweat a drop. However, a handmade wooden ring from someone else will not be nearly as valuable as a handmade ring from you.

This is where you can not only give a great gift, but you can also give something that is far more valuable than anything you could buy…

Making A Wooden Ring as a Gift

Any time that you make something for another person, you are giving yourself in that gift. It’s not about the materials, the cost, or the knowledge. It’s about the time. It’s about the time spent giving of yourself and creating something for another.

For this reason, when you make a gift, you are doing so much more than when you buy a gift. A wooden ring is no different, and when made by hand, it can be an extremely strong statement as well.

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Rings are often symbols of love, and so is working hard on a project for another person. When you combine them together, you end up making something that is in more than one way a statement of affection for another person.

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Wooden Ring Making is Easier Than it Looks

Having been a woodworker for a long time, making wooden rings was an easy transition. On the simple side, it’s a few pieces of wood glued together with a hole in the middle. After that, the process is fairly similar.

On the more complex side, you can make a wooden ring with a ton of detail. You can find exotic and expensive pieces of wood, use precious metal cores, and even add gems and fancy inlay. It’s all up to you, and your level of comfort with the project.

Even if you are a beginner, you can make a great looking ring. If you are more of an intermediate or an expert, the sky is the limit for the product that you can produce. Making a ring as a gift is a fun project on top of that, and one you will enjoy from start to finish.

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Finding Ring Making Help

If you are new to making Wooden Rings, but you want to make one as a gift for someone special, you are in the right place. My Ring Making Book is a great start, and it focuses on using the least amount of tools to complete the process.

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For those of you with more tools, that’s great, you can still use them. The goal of the book is to put ring making in the hands of anyone that wants to do it. This means less tools, and a smaller burden to enter the field.

For more ring making tips and to see more about the process, My Ring Making Posts are all designed to teach you something about making a wooden ring. This can be something’s simple like Getting the Size Right, or something more involved like a Complex Lamination.

Practicing Your Craft

You might get lucky on the first round and make an excellent looking ring. However, you should not count on that. I recommend that you start making rings before you need to give one away, so you can have a couple attempts if you need them.

Practice with common woods that are soft enough to work by hand. These can be found in local hardware stores, and they are also inexpensive. At the same time, start learning about the types of wood that are available in the world, because that is how you will make your own looks.

Also, think about the finish. Wooden rings are easy to finish, and you only need one product. You should apply that product to a few pieces of wood before you try it out on the ring though, that way you know what to expect.

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Giving the Gift of a Ring

When you practice, you will get better. After a few rings, you will be confident enough to make a ring that you can give as a gift. Don’t let the first efforts bother you, and keep on moving forward with your craft.

When you make anything new, it can be a little tough. Don’t worry, and just keep going. Over time, and after a couple rings, you will be able to complete the process really well, and have a great looking ring.

This is when you can take your plan for your ideal ring that you want to give as a gift and start making it. Pay attention to everything you learned, and work carefully. Take your time, and in the end you will have one of the most meaningful handmade gifts you can ever give.

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Your Homework

Your homework is to get going on making a wooden ring for someone. If you don’t have someone special that can use a ring, you can always make one for a friend or for you mom or dad.

The recipient is important, because it will help you be a better woodworker. When you have to make something for another person, it tends to bring out the best in you, and keeps you going out into the shop.

Take the time, and make the ring with care. During this process, you will naturally think about the person that you are making the ring for. This is a good thing, and will keep you excited and dedicated to the project.

Making a Ring as a Gift Wrap-Up

There are a lot off great reasons to give a wooden ring as a gift, and you can really make a big difference for someone if you do. A project that is made by hand is so much more valuable than a project you buy.

If you are new to making things from wood, you are in luck. The ring making process is pretty easy, and anyone can pick it up. Follow the tips and tutorials on this site, and you can be up and running very quickly.

If you are more experienced in woodworking, you probably already have everything you need in your shop. Rings are easily made from thin sheets of wood, and you might have all of that sitting in your scrap bin.

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