Why You Should be Using Rubber Floor Tiles in Your Shop

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This is Why You Should be Using Rubber Floor Tiles in Your Shop, where I share a hidden benefit that can actually make you a better woodworker all because of a change in your flooring. Enjoy.

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Rubber Floor Tiles

Why-You-Should-be-Using-Rubber-Floor-Tiles-in-Your-ShopMost woodworkers end up having a shop that is either in their basement, or in their garage. While this isn’t a bad place for a lot of reasons, it typically has concrete floors, which can be tough to stand on for long periods of time.

Something about your woodworking shop that you really need to think about when it comes to designing and creating your environment is the comfort. A comfortable shop is an inviting shop, and that means you’ll spend more time in there.

Anything you can do to make your shop more comfortable is a good thing. There are going to be times when you need to go out there but you might not feel like doing it. If your shop isn’t comfortable, it’s one more reason to stay in the house.

Rubber floor tiles are just one of those ways of making your shop more comfortable, and I’ll show you why this is important. I’ll also give you some tips and tricks, and show you where to buy them.

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A Softer Surface is Better for Your Body

There are a lot of benefits to using the floor tiles that reduce the hardness of the surface that you have to stand out. Standing on concrete for a long period time is awful, and a softer surface makes a difference.

The improved floor surface is better for your body, because it reduces the amount of impact that you have to sustain while moving around. This is better for your joints, and better for your body in general.

You can notice reduced fatigue on a softer surface, and that can mean more energy for woodworking. It all starts with the floor, and the contact with your body.

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A Better Body is a Better Mind

Have you ever noticed that when your body feels good, the rest of you tends to feel good too? There’s a connection between the mind and body, and it goes in both directions. When your body feels good, so does your mind.

Having a clear mind is a really good thing. This puts you at an advantage for several reasons, with the primary reason being you’ll have a better ability to solve problems. Your mind is just as important as your body.

By reducing the amount of fatigue on your body, and the amount of impact, your body and mind will both be better prepared for the tasks at hand. This leads us to the final connection, and what can directly impact your woodworking.

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A Better Mind Makes Better Projects

When you are working with a sound body and mind, you make better projects. You know what those days feel like. There are just some times when you’re in the shop when you can literally do nothing wrong, and you even amaze yourself.

These are the days that are sometimes difficult to replicate. However, when you improve the surface that you’re standing upon, which makes your body feel better, which makes your mind worry less, you start to get close to those conditions again.

When your head is clear, and you’re feeling good, you just perform better. This is true of sports, athletics, and competing at a high-level. It’s also true in woodworking, even though the stakes may not nearly be as high.

So, in a funny way, a better surface to stand upon just might actually make you a better woodworker. It’s not going to do it directly, but if I can make you feel better, and that makes you feel happier, it just might help you build better projects.

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Finding Soft Floor Tiles on the Cheap

Rubber floor tiles are not necessarily an inexpensive item. So if you can find deals online, buying them at full retail price from a store might be a little too much for a beginner to invest. That’s OK, because you have options.

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I found my first shop floor in a garage sale believe it or not. They were selling a huge bundle of rubber floor tiles that you put down on the tile floor when you have young kids. These are normally several dollars for a pack of five, and I picked up about 50 of them for $10.

This is a pretty rare fine, but I would also imagine that if you frequent garage sales in a subdivision with lots of kids, you might run into something like that more often. If you do, it’s definitely a good deal and I recommend picking it up.

You might also find other soft flooring options in a garage sale, or even secondhand online. As long as the tiles are in good condition, it really doesn’t matter if they’ve been used before. You’re just going to walk on them anyway.

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Buying Shop Floor Tiles on Amazon

If you would rather have brand new flooring, then I recommend going on Amazon. They will link you to thousands of merchants or more that sell the same thing, and you can easily pick out the best deal.

Take a look at how much of your floor you really want to cover, and calculate the square footage before you go online and buy. Once you know how much you need, it’s easy to see which is the best deal for the same square footage.

The other advantage to Amazon is that you won’t have to search from store to store to find what you want. This is exactly the type of item that every person has in their home, so it might actually be hard to find in a regular retail store.

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Rubber Floor Installation Tips and Tricks

Here are a few different tips that you can use for installing your rubber floor tiles, and making your shop more comfortable to work in:

  • Have all of your main tools and benches placed before you start installing the tiles.
  • Cut holes or notches in the tiles to go around benches and larger tools.
  • Don’t put benches and tools on the tiles, because they can be lopsided.
  • Get as much as you need for the area, and a little more just in case.
  • Look for tiles that don’t slide around, because gluing them down becomes a mess when you need to change your configuration.
  • Go under all of your benches and anywhere you will stand by at least one foot.
  • If you don’t cover the entire floor, at least cover the areas that you’ll stand in front of for long periods of time.

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Your Action Assignment

Now that you know how using floor tiles in your woodworking shop can enhance your experience by relieving stress on your body, it’s time to get out into the shop and take action on what you’ve learned.

Take a look on Amazon, and price out some tile that will cover your working area in your shop. See what you can get for the budget, and decide if you’re going to cover the entire space, or just the most frequently used areas.

Once you know what you need, by the tiles and put them in when they arrive. Place them securely, and work them around your existing of benches and tools. The first couple of times you walk on there, you’ll feel a big difference, and it will make a difference in your woodworking.

If you have any questions on how to install rubber floor tiles in your woodworking shop, please post a question and I’ll be glad to answer them. Happy building.

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