Wine Ceremony Box Tutorial

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Here is one of my most popular post series all in one place. This is how to make a wine ceremony box. By the end of the series, you will have your very own. This is a fantastic project for a new couple. It also makes a great gift that will be treasured a newly married couple.

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My wife and I had a wine ceremony for our wedding. I also made the box that we used, and that makes the experience even more special. The wine ceremony box in this tutorial series was made for a couple friends. It was a pleasure as a carpenter to be a small part of their special day.

Wine Ceremony Box Tutorial Set

wine ceremony boxPart One – Making the Box: This part of the tutorial covers making the box itself, and fitting the slide top lid. The box that you will have made after this section is good enough on its own to be used for a wine ceremony box.

If you like the clean look of a Pine box, then proceed to the finishing section and you are done.

The box in the instructions is made from Pine, but you can easily substitute any other wood that you like. If you are planning on binding the box in the second part of the tutorial, then pick a species that contrasts well with the wood for the binding. Having a contrasting wood choice highlights the different areas of the wine ceremony box.

wine ceremony boxPart Two – Binding the Box with an Exotic Hardwood: In section two of the wine ceremony box, an exotic wood is added around the edges. This is a great way to add a touch of high end woodworking to a simple Pine box. Not only does the addition of an exotic wood enhance the look of the wine ceremony box, it also adds some color contrast.

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I chose Cocobolo wood for the binding, which I had in the shop. These are binding strips for acoustic guitars, and are easy to install. On guitars, these are normally bent. With a wine bottle box, they are straight. This makes the installation process much easier.

wine ceremony boxPart Three – Inlaying a Family Monogram: This part of the wine ceremony box explains the process for adding a custom inlay. The instructions are for a cheater inlay, but the results look great.

If you follow these directions, you can add a date for the wedding, initials, and anything else important to the couple being married. This makes the inlay unique.

For this project, the couple wanted their first initials on the outsides of the monogram. They also wanted their last name initial in the middle. I added the wedding date at the bottom to complete the monogram. This inlay process uses wood filler, so the process is far easier than a normal inlay.

wine ceremony boxPart Four – Finishing the Wine Ceremony Box: These step by step finishing instructions make it easy to add a great finish to your wine ceremony box. I like simple finishes. This one is easy to apply, and makes the wine box look great.

Hand applied finishes are among the easiest to work with. All you need is a cloth, and you can apply a great looking finish.

If you have a different finish that you really like to use, then feel free to apply that finish. Since I did not have the ability to purchase spray equipment when I started woodworking, I relied on hand applied finishes. It only took a short time to learn to apply them well, and they always look great. They are less usually expensive too.

If you make a wine ceremony box following my instructions, please send me some pictures of your completed project. I love to see people successful at woodworking.

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If you have any questions about my Wine Ceremony Box Tutorials, please leave a comment and I will be glad to answer them. Also, please share my work with your friends on Pinterest! Happy building.

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