Wood Accessories Every Home Should Have

Wood Accessories Every Home Should Have

wood-accessories-every-home-should-haveA high-quality wooden accessory is something that cannot really be matched by any artificial material, so if you are looking to add some class to your home, here is a list of ideas that can work really well in any home.

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These are items that you can make yourself in your wood shop, or you can buy. 

The skills you can build making these items will broaden your woodworking abilities, and also provide some useful items for your home.

However, if you would just rather buy some of them, you can do that as well. Enjoy. 

The Wall Clock

There are so many options to choose from here, because wooden wall clocks are one of the most classic accessories for the living room, which have not lost their appeal even in this ultramodern, digital age.

Of course, depending on your own taste and the internal décor of your home, you can choose to go for a modern design on wooden clocks as well, but a classic cuckoo, or even a grandfather clock – if you have the space – can look very classy.

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A clock is also a great beginner woodworking project. Not only do you get to use several different tools, you also get to design something that is functional as well as fashionable. You can even design the clock around the tools you already have, saving money.

The Coffee Table

The dining table is an essential piece of furniture, but a coffee table can prove just as useful. Go with a wood coffee table made from pine, oak or walnut, but avoid the cheaper poplar wood if you want true class to adorn your living room.

A coffee table is also a nice pre-project to a dining table. It’s nearly the same shape, and you can make it using the same style of craftsmanship as a dining table, only smaller.

This means you can hone your skills on something a lot more manageable first, and then go into making a full size dining table to match. This lets you get your mistakes out of the way in a safer environment, then go for the bigger project when you are better prepared.

The Walnut Wood Tray

A classic wood tray, made from walnut wood right here in the US is inarguably an essential wooden accessory that every home should have at least one of, if not more.

The walnut wood treys by Virginia Boys Kitchen are each a unique piece of art by themselves, available in 20 x 20 and 20 x 15 size formats.

Rest assured that whether you are serving drinks to your guests in a house party, or they are kept in the living room as a showpiece, the exquisite craftsmanship will earn you plenty of compliments through the years.

Stylish Wooden Wall Racks

Wall racks save space and increase storage at the same time, and it is so much easier to clean floors when you don’t have too much storage on your floors.

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You can go for the classic rectangular or square racks and shelves if that’s what appeals to you, but some pretty extraordinary designs are available these days for wooden wall racks, so consulting with your interior decorator is advised.

This logic is similar to using peg board in your shop. When you incorporate the walls, you crate additional storage without taking up additional floor space.

Walnut Cutting Board

Wood cutting boards are definitely better than plastic ones, both in terms of hygiene and aesthetics. People often mistakenly believe that plastic cutting boards are safer, but that’s a myth.

Aesthetically, there is just no comparison between the two, check out the Virginia Boys Kitchens’ collection to know exactly the kind of craftsmanship that you can expect.

Walnut wood is more resistant to knife grooves that harbor bacteria, and even if there is bacterial formation, it usually sinks deeper into the wood and dies there without being able to multiply.

Plastic cutting boards that have been used for a bit too long, essentially become Petri dishes for bacterial growth in the nooks and crannies of the knife grooves.

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There is a sense of aesthetic, class and richness that only wood can provide, but in a world that is losing its forests fast, that can be a problem. However, what people often fail to understand is that US made wooden furniture, wall panels and kitchen essentials are not made from cutting down protected forests; they are made from trees that are grown specifically for industrial utilization.

So, you can rest assured that everything we just discussed would not be made from forest wood, as long as you buy it from a licensed and registered US-based company such as Virginia Boys Kitchens, as mentioned earlier.

Just stay away from “exotic South American Wood” and the like, so that you don’t end up contributing towards the Amazon rainforest’s inevitable extinction.

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