Wooden Hand Plane Toy

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This is what I have on the bench right now among other projects.  I am making my son a wooden hand plane toy that looks similar to the Krenov style hand plane I made a few years ago.  

wooden hand plane toy
Wooden hand plane toy after gluing together.

This is going to be part of a large set of tools that I am working on for my next book, which will cover making wooden tools for kids.

Wooden toys encourage kids to use their imagination, think creatively, and learn.  

On top of all those benefits, one of the best things about wooden toys for a parent is that they are completely silent, they require no batteries, and can become family heirlooms that are treasured for a lifetime.

This hand plane toy is made from Walnut and Curly Maple, and is currently at the roughing out stage.  The glue has dried on the Curly Maple faces, and the block is ready for the shape to be traced on the side and cut out.  After that it goes to the sander for further shaping, and then the wedge is fitted, and the whole piece finished with a kid friendly finish.

toy wooden hand plane
Hand plane with wedge.

This is the wedge fitting, which is not as important here as when making an actual plane that will house an iron.  In this plane, since it is for my son, it will have a wedge only and no blade.  The wedge will be glued in place, and then a dowel will be drilled and glued through the body of the d lane and the wedge to secure them together.

I enjoy making things for my son, and it consumes the vast majority of my shop time working on all the little things I want to make for him.  Has anyone else made any wooden tools for their kids?

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