Woodworking Almanac

the-woodworking-almanac-westfarthing-woodworksThe Woodworking Almanac is part of the Weekly email that goes out to all of the Westfarthing Woodworks subscribers. You can Subscribe Here if you wish to be on the list, or you can download the PDF below and see the entire thing.

What is the Woodworking Almanac?

In addition to the normal weekly email with the newest posts, I also include a lot of fun woodworking content that I call the Woodworking Almanac.

There are tips, new wood types to discover, old posts to see again, great pictures, links to freebies, productivity hacks, safety tips, finishing techniques, and more.

I plan on changing the almanac about every couple months, which should give everyone a chance to see it all. The email is very long, and there is definitely something in it for everyone.

Think of it as a treasure hunt for all things woodworking.

Woodworking Almanac Downloads

June 2019 Woodworking Almanac

July 2019 Woodworking Almanac

August 2019 Woodworking Almanac

September 2019 Woodworking Almanac

Happy building.

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