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wooden ringThis woodworking tip of the week is about finding time to work in the shop.  Of all the ways that you can improve your woodworking ability, spending time in the shop is the most effective.

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Reading about woodworking online can be beneficial (thank you as always for visiting my website) but unless you take it into the shop it will only be academic learning that takes place.

If you are interested in a new concept, or have a new project in mind, there is nothing wrong with researching the heck out of it.  I do the same thing.  One of the aspects of woodworking that I truly enjoy is the ability to make so many different things.  This allows me to jump from project to project without much of a link between them.  It all broadens my woodworking ability, but I am not making the same thing all the time.

long stem pipeOnce you find what you are looking for, and have a good idea how to make it, spend some time in the shop destroying wood until you get it right. Schedule this time if necessary.  I have learned since becoming married and having a son that if I didn’t schedule my time in the shop, I wouldn’t get any.

I enjoy my wife and son more than life itself, but having a scheduled time that I can spend in the shop makes it easier for my family to plan activities.  When I head out into the shop, it is not a surprise, and it makes my shop time more productive.  I schedule what I need to do, and knowing that I have less time, I focus more and get more done.

When I used to go into the shop several times a week as a single guy, I did not get as much done as I now do twice a week.  I plan my time, and I execute the plan when I am in the shop.

Sapele guitarThis focus has allowed me to turn out better looking and higher quality woodworking projects.  My wife and son get the best of me when I am home enjoying their company, and I get a little shop time.

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Most of what I make now is for my son.     I enjoy working on things for him like baby toys, rattles, and a complete line of wooden tools that I am currently writing a book about.  He has inspired so many ideas, and I love how he smiles when I give him a handmade toy.  He is very young right now, so he thinks everything I give him is a hammer.  That being said, coffee tables can be replaced, it’s the memories that I am going to keep forever that matter.

toy wooden hand planeThe point of this woodworking tip of the week is to make sure that you have shop time.  

Create a schedule if necessary, like Tuesday evenings after 5 pm, or Saturday mornings from 8-12.

Work with your wives or husbands and get a time set in stone that works out well for everyone.  

A happy marriage is a happy life, and a happy woodworker gets time in the shop

Take a look at my article, 50 Woodworking Tips for more ideas about woodworking. These tips came from two decades of woodworking experience, and can help beginning woodworkers get ahead.

The Woodworking Tip of The Week will come out every Saturday, and if you bookmark this site, you won’t miss anything.


Free Woodworking Tips Delivered Every Monday! Add Me to the List!

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