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Make Your Passion. This woodworking tips card is all about you making the things that really make you happy. After all, woodworking is supposed to be a pleasing hobby. When you make the things you are passionate about, you always have a passion for woodworking.

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Make Your Passion

woodworking tips cards make your passionThe wonderful thing bout woodworking is that you can make just about anything you want to make. As long as you have some tools and some wood, you can build just about anything you desire. Since you get to decide, it’s important to make things that you really like to make.

Now, nobody sets out to make something that they will hate to make. That’s the kind of thing that just happens as the build unfolds. Sometimes you try something new and it turns out that it’s not really for you. That’s ok.

If you find out that a certain type of project or woodworking process is not your favorite, then you may decide that you are not going to do that type of project in the future.

I recommend finishing the project you are working on, just to see if the end product is worth suffering through part of the process. Once you get to the end, you can decide if you want to pursue that type of woodworking any longer.

You Will Have More Fun Making Your Passion

You will have a lot of fun as a woodworker in general, but you will have even more fun if you make what you really love. It will keep you entertained much longer, and you will find more reasons to get into the shop. Both of those will make you a better woodworker.

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I know a new woodworker that is old enough to be my father, and he is really into making Wizard Wands on his lathe right now. He doesn’t care what anyone thinks, and he really has fun because he likes what he makes.

That is the real pleasure in woodworking. Making what you like, because you like it, not caring about what anyone else has to say about the project. If you want to make wands, pipes, wooden book covers, or anything else…just make your passion and you will be happy.

Try a lot of different things

You have to try a lot of different things in order to see what you like and what you don’t. That one of the biggest joys of woodworking. The more you try, the more you find out what kinds of woodworking projects you really like. Over time, you develop a profile of what you are all about as a woodworker.

Woodworkers develop their own style over time. It can take years for you to try enough things that you figure out the kind of work that you reliably like every time. This eventually becomes your style, and you will find it easy to pick new projects based on your previous experiences.

Enjoy this time of experimentation. It should be a very pleasant experience. Make anything that you want to try, and if you like it, make more. If you don’t, you can shelve the project for the future, or never make it again. The choice is yours, as you discover what makes you happy in Woodworking.

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